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Disclosure log

Certain information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 2 working days of being released to the applicant.

Only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published. No personal information or information of a commercial or confidential nature will be published.

The Department's Information Disclosure Policy can be found here.

Departmental Disclosures

Category of applicant Summary of request Information (PDF)
MediaTasmania's infrastructure planRTI 16-17-44
MPSeptember 2016 Asian Trade MissionRTI 16-17-40
MPFuture Potential Production ForestRTI 16-17-24
Organisation Venture Minerals Mining Lease Information

RTI 16-17-11 –item 1
RTI 16-17-11 –item 2
RTI 16-17-11 –item 3
RTI 16-17-11 –item 4
RTI 16-17-11 –item 5
RTI 16-17-11 –item 6

MP Taxi Subsidy Smartcards RTI 16-17-12
MP Weighbridges and Transport Inspectors RTI 16-17-4
MP Energy Coordination and Planning Committees RTI 15-16-44
Organisation Sealing Report – Contract No. 2285 RTI 15-16-55
Media September 2015 China Trade Mission Expenses RTI 15-16-17
Media St John Street public building RTI 15-16-16
MP Roadworks in Strahan RTI 15-16-22

Traffic Infringements and Temporary Transport Costs

1 Aug 2014 – 18 Nov 2015
RTI 15-16-25
Media Department of State Growth Gift Register RTI 15-16-8
Media Uber Correspondence RTI 15-16-7

Compulsory acquisition of land backing onto Howrah Gardens        

RTI 14-15-77

Ministerial Disclosures

Category of applicant Summary of request Information (PDF)
MPMinister for Energy - Cloud SeedingRTI Min-2 Part 1 of 2
RTI Min-2 Part 2 of 2
MP Minister for Energy Diary 20/12/15 - 07/03/16 RTI Min-1