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Department of State Growth

Learning and development

Learning and development

At the Department of State Growth, we strive for a positive, productive and respectful workplace of ‘working, learning, growing—together’.  We operate in a complex, rapidly changing environment and to deliver our objectives effectively and efficiently we need to constantly innovate, improve and adapt.

We acknowledge that learning and growth has a strong link with productivity, performance and employee engagement and believe that a culture where learning and growth are valued, encouraged and supported is central to achieving our current and future objectives.


The Department’s integrated induction approach supports the introduction of new employees to the agency and the broader State Service. It encompasses three phases that complement each other - with the aim of making the process of settling in as easy as possible for the new employee, their manager and their team.

  1. Business unit induction – an orientation into the business unit, organised by the manager
  2. Online modules – provides an introduction to State Growth with broad departmental information. These short online modules are located on the department’s learning management system and are available to all new employees and officers
  3. New employee orientation – A face-to-face session where new employees:
  • meet members of the Executive and hear their views on working at State Growth
  • develop an understanding of the scope and impact of work undertaken across the department and the unique nature of working in the public sector
  • meet and form connections with other new employees.

Performance management

Creating the environment for people to perform at their best is a key role for managers. Motivated and engaged employees are more productive which results in improved performance and outcomes for both the employee and employer.

Some of the key factors which lead to better employee engagement are having clear expectations, an accurate understanding of how well they are going and appropriate levels of challenge and learning. These are all issues that rely on regular and constructive conversations and are core to an effective performance management process.

We take a person centered approach to performance management through the Personal Performance and Learning Agreement (PPLA) process. PPLA is more than assessing work performance and behaviour, it is also about an employee’s engagement with work and opportunities for their learning and growth.