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Department of State Growth

Tasmanian Trade Strategy

The Tasmanian Trade Strategy 2019-2025 (the Strategy) sets a coordinated whole-of-government approach to work with business and partners to grow trade, both domestically and internationally. It sends a positive signal to the market and provides a consistent long-term framework for action. Importantly, it also incorporates the flexibility needed to allow the Government to respond quickly to industry trends, changing market conditions and emerging local or global issues.

The Strategy builds on many years of work by government and industry to build trade relationships and value chains, promote the Tasmanian brand and grow our export capability. It has a clear focus on building capability for small to medium-sized businesses, value adding to existing business activities, expanding our international influence, and providing the right conditions for all Tasmanian businesses to succeed.

It has been informed by extensive industry consultation, and detailed analysis of Tasmania’s competitive strengths, existing government commitments and strategies, as well as assessment of the merits of potential priority markets.

While the Strategy sets out government priorities and initiatives for growing trade, business and industry have been instrumental in its development and will be critical partners in achieving its aims. Tasmania’s size and location means that collaboration, creativity and leadership are essential elements to reach world markets and respond to cost pressures.

The purpose of this Strategy is to:

  • address the key export growth barriers and impediments faced by industry in Tasmania
  • support competitiveness
  • assist business to develop skills and strategies for trade growth
  • open doors and build international relationships
  • drive economic growth and boost jobs for Tasmanians.

The Strategy sets out initiatives across four key priority areas.  Read more about these priority areas in the snapshots below or download the full Strategy.