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Department of State Growth

About Boards and Committees

The Government owns, on behalf of the Tasmanian community, a diverse portfolio of businesses, ranging in size and operating in a variety of sectors. These include government business enterprises and state-owned companies as well as statutory authorities, advisory boards and regulatory bodies.

The department has responsibilities in relation to its portfolio boards and committees.

Members of government boards and committees are selected and appointed on the basis of their skills and experience, relevant legislative requirements, and the needs of the particular business.

The appointment process is competency based, professional and transparent. In some cases, legislation determines the minister seeks nominees from organisations.

Principles for appointment of members

It is important that the selection and appointment process is consistent with the following principles, as stated in the Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Businesses:


Selection is based on skill sets that meet the needs of Government business to enable the business to function efficiently and effectively in accordance with its objectives


The selection and appointment process is applied consistently for all board appointments.

Stakeholder engagement

The Government business is involved in the process to ensure that new appointees add value to the business


Appointments are made and announced in a timely manner.


The process is clear and easy to understand.


The process recognises the importance of diversity in board membership, and the need to maintain a constant, ongoing pool of qualified candidates.