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Department of State Growth

Disclosure log

Certain information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 2 working days of being released to the applicant. Information will be published for a minimum period of 12 months.

Only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published. No personal information or information of a commercial or confidential nature will be published.

The Department's Information Disclosure Policy can be found here.

Departmental Disclosures

Category of applicant Summary of request Information (PDF) Date published
MP Cost and purpose of departmental staff travel to Asia since January 2017 RTI-17-18-7 Tuesday, 24 October 2017
MP King Island Shipping Service Evaluation Process RTI 16-17-66 
Private Individual TMAG visitor complaints RTI 16-17-65 
MPs Forestry Tasmania restructuring and plantation assets RTI 16-17-22
RTI 16-17-25
RTI 16-17-26
MP Southern port options for forestry residues RTI 16-17-30R  
Media Tasmania's infrastructure plan RTI 16-17-44  
MP September 2016 Asian Trade Mission RTI 16-17-40  
MP Future Potential Production Forest RTI 16-17-24  
Organisation Venture Minerals Mining Lease Information

RTI 16-17-11 –item 1
RTI 16-17-11 –item 2
RTI 16-17-11 –item 3
RTI 16-17-11 –item 4
RTI 16-17-11 –item 5
RTI 16-17-11 –item 6

MP Weighbridges and Transport Inspectors RTI 16-17-4  
MP Energy Coordination and Planning Committees RTI 15-16-44  
Organisation Sealing Report – Contract No. 2285 RTI 15-16-55  
Media September 2015 China Trade Mission Expenses RTI 15-16-17  
Media St John Street public building RTI 15-16-16  
MP Roadworks in Strahan RTI 15-16-22  

Traffic Infringements and Temporary Transport Costs

1 Aug 2014 – 18 Nov 2015
RTI 15-16-25  
Media Department of State Growth Gift Register RTI 15-16-8  
Media Uber Correspondence RTI 15-16-7  

Compulsory acquisition of land backing onto Howrah Gardens

RTI 14-15-77  

Ministerial Disclosures

Category of applicant Summary of request Information (PDF) Date published
MP Communications between Minister Groom’s office and Mount Wellington Cableway Co. RTI 16-17-57 
MP Minister for Energy - Cloud Seeding RTI Min-2 Part 1 of 2
RTI Min-2 Part 2 of 2