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Consultation paper

The Tasmanian Energy Security Taskforce was aware of the broad community concerns that arose during the 2015-16 energy security event as dam storage levels fell to historically low levels and energy security became a ‘front and centre’ issue for all Tasmanians.

Accordingly, the Taskforce decided that an early step in examining energy security would be to consult widely in gathering all the relevant information and knowledge.

The Taskforce designed a Consultation Paper (PDF) to seek the views of all interested stakeholders.

Submissions were invited on all matters within the scope of the Consultation Paper, with a focus on energy security, water management for hydro-electric storages, interconnection with the NEM, the Tasmanian gas market, renewable energy and emerging technology, impact of climate change and scenario planning.

The Taskforce would like to thank all organisations and individuals who prepared submissions in response to the Consultation Paper. Submissions were received by a broad range of stakeholders including small and large business customers, individual residential customers, peak-body organisations, energy sector participants based in Tasmania, consumer advocates and more.

Thirty-one submissions were received with four requesting confidentiality. The publically available submissions can be accessed through the links below.

Submissions received in response to the Consultation Paper

  • Australian Energy Market Operator (PDF)
  • Aurora Energy^ (PDF)
  • Basslink Pty Ltd (PDF)
  • Bell Bay Aluminium (PDF)
  • BOC  Ltd and LNG  Refullers Pty Ltd (PDF)
  • Clean Energy Council (PDF)
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Goldwin Australia (PDF)
  • Climate Tasmania (PDF)
  • Dr John Bishop (PDF)
  • Energy Networks Association (PDF)
  • Engineers Australia (PDF)
  • Estelle Ross (WORD) (PDF)
  • Gas Energy Australia (PDF)
  • Goanna Energy Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF)
  • Hydro Tasmania (PDF)
  • Ian Howard (WORD) (PDF)
  • Island Fisheries Advisory Council (PDF)
  • Lee Dyson (WORD) (PDF)
  • Pavel Ruzicka (WORD) (PDF)
  • Steel Wave Power (PDF)
  • TasGas Networks and TasGas Retail (PDF)
  • Tasmanian Council of Social Service (PDF)
  • Tasmanian Gas Pipeline* and Value Advisor Associates Pty Ltd (PDF)
  • Tasmanian Greens (PDF)
  • Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council (PDF)
  • Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance Inc. (PDF)
  • Tasmanian Small Business Council and Goanna Energy Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF)
  • TasNetworks Pty Ltd (PDF)
  • Trout Guides and Ledges Tasmania Inc. (WORD) (PDF)

^ Aurora Energy has provided a cover letter which is not confidential

* Tasmanian Gas Pipeline also provided a separate confidential submission