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Department of State Growth

Contact centres

The broad definition of call centres incorporates customer support service businesses, operational facilities and resources used or outsourced by companies to manage ‘front office client’ content, or integrated ‘back office’ business administration services.

Call centres support a variety of industries and sectors in Tasmania including telecommunications, insurance, racing and gaming, travel and accommodation, government, not for profit sector and banking and finance.

Tasmania has progressively moved up the value chain from low value basic call centre services to more specialised and highly skilled professional services in areas such as IT technical support, technology and complex telecommunications services sales and high end personalised and corporate banking services. This has resulted in a more mature and stable industry sector with an increasingly skilled workforce employable across diverse sectors.

Priorities for the call centre sector include:

  • investment attraction – the development of sector and market knowledge, focusing marketing activities and developing an investment attraction profile;
  • sectoral development and retention – including profiling the sectors skills, education and capability requirements and developing strategic business relationships and sector priorities; and 
  • infrastructure and services – including facilitating the identification of potential sites or expanded operations and facilitating high capacity broadband connectivity for multi-channel call centre operators.

Sector summary