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Department of State Growth

Information communication and technology

Information communications and technology(ICT) is a complicated sector to define due to the transformational convergence effect on other sectors; however, it is primarily related to activities involved with information, computing and communications. Information communication and technology is a key economic enabler and its use is fundamental to participating in the digital economy.

The potential of ICT as a sector is underpinned by a demand for information communication and technology products and services being beyond the scope of the limited local market demand. Growth opportunity exists in meeting global demand for information communication and technology products and services in either niche or mass market segments. More so than any other sectors digital strategies to drive economic growth must be based on global digital opportunity and demand and not local consumption.

Priorities for the ICT sector include:

  • investing in exposing Tasmania industry, business, government and society to futurist ideas, disruptive technology and thinking in order to stimulate developing a Tasmanian digital economy
  • supporting driving digital productivity and efficiency across all sectors in all aspects of Tasmania’s economic, government and social agendas
  • establishing and developing support for a transition sector between heavily funded research and commerce (industry) to take advantage of IP and technology and develop disruptive products and services.

Sub sectors within this sector include: