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Department of State Growth

Assistance programs

Assistance available through the Department of State Growth includes the following programs:

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Voucher System

Assistance is available to eligible Tasmanian small and medium sized advanced manufacturing enterprises with a sales turnover in excess of $300 000 up to $20 million.  Minimum grant assistance is $5 000 up to a maximum of $15 000, with the applicant contributing at least half of the project costs in cash.

Accelerating Trade Grant Program

Assistance is available to eligible Tasmanian small and medium sized Tasmanian businesses to collaborate, expand their presence and introduce Tasmanian products and services to the world. Grants will be provided on a co-contribution basis, up to a maximum of $10 000 in any one financial year per applicant.

Australian Government programs

Grants and assistance for defence industry

The Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) help businesses navigate the defence market, provide specialist advice on improving competitiveness and accessing global markets, and facilitate connections with other businesses and Defence. The CDIC also links Australian innovators and researchers to the Defence Innovation Hub and the Next Generation Technologies Fund.

CDIC can also assist you with applying for grant assistance. If your small or medium sized business is looking to invest in its defence-related capabilities, you can apply for a grant that will fund up to 50% of your costs.

For more information about available grants and how to apply, click here