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Department of State Growth

Guide for students

Welcome to the Department of State Growth's e-training website. This site has been built from an e-learning platform called Moodle.

The aim of this site is to provide highly flexible online e-learning and virtual classroom opportunities for those who require training by the Department of State Growth. This guide has been designed to assist students with using and navigating their way through the site.

If you have any course-specific questions, please contact your course creator or teacher.

Browser requirements

Moodle supports most browsers, for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is recommended that you use the latest version of a browser. is built on Moodle v2.9; the minimum browser version it supports is Google Chrome 30.0, Mozilla Firefox 25.0, Apple Safari 6 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

Follow these recommendations when taking a course in Moodle:

  1. Use a recent version of the internet browser.
  2. Avoid using a wireless connection. Use a wired connection whenever possible, preferably high speed.
  3. If you are using a public computer be sure to log out of the computer before leaving it to insure your privacy.
  4. Plan your test-taking times carefully. Note the closing date, the time limit on completing a quiz or how many attempts are allowed for the test/quiz.
  5. The speed of your computer as well as your connection will determine how quickly the test is displayed and the answers are saved and/or submitted. If taking a timed test, be sure to save and submit your test several minutes before the timer runs out.

Logging in

You will receive your user name and initial temporary password by email. Click the web address provided in the email,, to launch the Department of State Growth's e-training site.

Login screen

Once on the log in page:

  • please type in your username provided in the 'New user account' email
  • type in your temporary password, which is contained in the 'New user account' email
  • click the 'Agree and sign on' button
  • once logged in, you'll be asked to change your password.  Please remember the password rule:

The password must have at least eight characters, at least one digit(s), at least one lower case letter(s), at least one upper case letter(s), at least one non-alphanumeric character(s).

Change password screen

Important note:

By clicking the 'Agree and sign on' button, you are agreeing to the site's Terms and conditions. You are strongly encouraged to read the Terms and conditions. These can be viewed by selecting the 'Terms and conditions' link which is located in the two following locations;

  • on the 'Agree and sign on' page
  • within the 'conditions of use' block, which is located at the bottom of all site pages, select the 'conditions' button.

These Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Navigating your homepage


The Homepage can be broken into three blocks:-

  1. the middle block (1) which displays course listing
  2. the top right-hand side navigation block (2) which displays navigation options
  3. the bottom general information block (3) which provides the site's Conditions of use, Help and How to use e-training instructions.  This block stays at the bottom of the page throughout the site, so if you need to refer to any of the documents it links to, you can do so any time.

You can expand the 'My courses' in the top right-hand navigation block (block 2) to find a list of courses you have enrolled in. Or alternatively you can click 'Courses' in the main content block (block 1) to find the desired courses via the course organisation structure. 

Please do take some time to read 'Conditions of use' and 'How to use e-training' presented at the bottom of the page circled in block 3. 

Accessing your courseNavigation box

Your courses are listed under the 'My courses' section in the Navigation block, which is located on the right side of your Moodle home page.

Navigating through your course

Once you are in a course, course details are presented in the middle block.  You can navigate to a particular section of the course by using the links provided in the Navigation block which is located at the right hand side of the screen. Alternately you can scroll down the page. Below the Navigation block, is the Administration block. Here you can view your grades.

Navigation system

Completing your course

This site is interactive; there are a number of activities and resources you may be required to complete as part of your course. 

Activities include:

  • completion of assessments
  • feedback regarding the course
  • resource materials to read
  • short films to watch.

The resources provided will contain materials which are current at the time you undertake the course. All resource materials are the property of the Department of State Growth and as such you are not permitted to copy them. They are provided to assist you in undertaking your assessments. 

Some courses may also contain short film clips which you are required to watch. If you are unable to view any films please check that your device supports MP4 files before contacting your course creator.

Format of assessments

The format and due date of an assessment can vary from a quiz to a written assignment. It will be up to you as a student to ensure you meet the due date of your assessment. If you have any questions regarding the format or the due date of your assessment for your particular course, please contact your course creator/teacher, the details of which will always be under the general information section at the top of your course.

Details regarding what is required of you for the completion and submission of your assessment will be contained in your course.

Assessment button

Checking your grades

To view your grade for a specific activity in your course, click on the link to the activity (ie quiz). Your grade will be displayed on the page, similar to the example shown below;

Administration panel

Alternately you can view your grades by selecting the Grades link in the Administration block on the right hand side of the course, which is below the Navigation block. Administration panel

Your user menu

User menuYour user menu is located at the top right-hand side corner of your screen.  Here you can manage your e-training account. As the image to your right shows, the menu allows you to:

  • view your profile and update your profile information
  • view grades
  • update preferences, including change password and
  • log out.

[Note:  Messages option is disabled on this site.]

Questions and contacts

If you require any assistance in relation to the course you are taking, please contact your course teacher.

The contact details of the course teacher should be provided on the course page.

Course creator

Contact details can also be found by selecting the 'support' which is located within the 'help' block at the bottom of site page.

Logging out graphicLogging out

When you have finished working in our e-training site, you should log out.

This is especially important if you are working on a shared or public computer.

To log out click on the Log out link next to your name at the top of the Moodle screen.