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Department of State Growth

Tasmanian Journeys Project

The Tasmanian Journeys Project will deliver five driving experiences (including the Western Wilds and Great Eastern Drive) encouraging people to explore regional Tasmania.

Driving experiences are one of the priorities identified in the Tasmanian Visitor Engagement Strategy.

The Tasmanian Journeys Project is being delivered through a partnership between the Department of State Growth and Tourism Tasmania, in collaboration with the state's Regional Tourism Organisations.

New Journeys

A consultation process for the new Journeys was undertaken across the state between August and November 2019, which included a series of meetings, 14 community forums and an online survey. The insights gained from this process have now been analysed and a report was prepared that contains a series of recommendations to be implemented by the project team.

The new Journeys will be located in the south, centre, and across the top of the state, promoting areas for visitors to explore, rather than linear touring routes.

Planning for the Journey in the south is now underway and is due to be launched by the end of June 2020. The other two Journeys will launch in 2021.

Implemented Journeys

Western Wilds

Launched in October 2018, through the Western Wilds visitors can explore windswept coastlines and dense rainforests, encounter rare wildlife and meet the resilient locals who have carved a life for themselves in Tasmania’s wilderness.

With stories, myths and legends to uncover and wild landscapes within reach, the Western Wilds is one of the most soul-stirring wilderness journeys on the planet.

Now in the implementation phase, the Tasmanian Government is working closely with industry to develop additional stories for visitors to experience.

Great Eastern Drive

Visitors can experience one of Australia’s greatest road trips on the Great Eastern Drive.

This journey will lead to unforgettable places and moments – from the white beaches of Tasmania’s east coast, to luscious food and wine, award-winning walks, and breathtaking views.

Since its launch in 2015, the Great Eastern Drive has contributed to an increase in visitation to Tasmania’s east coast. Continued development of the Great Eastern Drive will form part of the Journeys Project.

For more information on the Tasmanian Journeys Project phone (03) 6165 5140 or email