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Department of State Growth

Devonport City Abattoir

Since the announcement in October that JBS intended to permanently cease being the operator of its Devonport City Abattoir on 15 November 2018 the Government has been working closely with JBS and Tasmanian Quality Meats (TQM) to ensure a continuation of pork processing at the site for at least the next two years. An agreement has been reached between JBS and TQM to commence operations at the facility from Tuesday 20 November.

Any businesses either affected by the JBS announcement, or with the capacity to contribute to the continuation of a sustainable meat industry, should contact us through the Business Tasmania hotline on phone 1800 440 026 – which is our central contact register.

Contact details for those abattoirs that have put forward their names are:


Gretna Meatworks - Michael Munnings


Cattle, sheep, lambs, pigs and other

0497 142 407

Cradoc Hill Abattoir


Cattle, sheep, pigs and other

0439 846 284

Stowport Abattoir – Tim Plapp


Cattle, sheep, lambs, pigs and other

0419 885 631

Tasmanian Quality Meats


Lamb, veal, mutton and offal

0363 976 593

S R Woods


Cattle, sheep, lambs, pigs, and other

0428 742 370

Other suitable businesses that may have additional processing capacity and wish to be added to the above list should contact Business Tasmania.