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Department of State Growth


Level 1 Item About us
Level 2 Item Divisions
Level 3 Item Business Services
Level 3 Item Business and Jobs
Level 4 Item Skills Tasmania
Level 5 Item eVET
Level 5 Item TasTAFE transition
Level 6 Item Related documents
Level 7 Item TasTAFE_transition_for_a_better_training_future.pdf
Level 4 Item Jobs Tasmania
Level 5 Item Skills matching service
Level 5 Item Job Ready Fund
Level 5 Item Employing an Apprentice or Trainee
Level 5 Item Tasmanian Employer Bonus Fund
Level 6 Item Jobs_Tasmania_-_Tasmanian_Employer_Bonus_Program_Guidelines.pdf
Level 4 Item Business Tasmania Division
Level 4 Item Trade
Level 5 Item Overview
Level 6 Item Key Sectors
Level 7 Item Advanced Manufacturing
Level 7 Item Food and Agribusiness
Level 7 Item International Education
Level 7 Item Resources and Energy
Level 7 Item Science and Technology
Level 7 Item Tourism
Level 6 Item Priority Markets
Level 6 Item Tasmanian Trade Scorecard
Level 5 Item Trade Missions and Trade Shows
Level 6 Item Trade Missions
Level 7 Item Upcoming Trade Missions
Level 8 Item USA - March/April 2020
Level 7 Item Past Trade Missions
Level 8 Item Japan - March 2019
Level 8 Item China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – September 2018
Level 8 Item East Asia – February 2017
Level 8 Item South Asia - September 2016
Level 6 Item Trade Shows
Level 7 Item Related links
Level 8 Item Austrade - Events
Level 8 Item How_to_Guide_-_Attending_a_trade_event_final.pdf
Level 8 Item EOI_form_-_Changsha_livestream_and_showcase.PDF
Level 7 Item Upcoming Trade Shows
Level 7 Item Past Trade Shows
Level 8 Item Fine Food, Sydney - September 2019
Level 8 Item FOODEX, Japan - March 2019
Level 8 Item HOFEX, Hong Kong - May 2019
Level 8 Item Food and Hotel Asia, Singapore - April 2018
Level 5 Item About us
Level 5 Item Tasmanian Trade Strategy
Level 5 Item Grants and funding
Level 6 Item Accelerating Trade Grant Program
Level 6 Item Trade and Export Toolkit
Level 7 Item Grants and Funding
Level 7 Item Promotional content and tools
Level 8 Item Related content
Level 9 Item Industry Sectors
Level 9 Item Promotional Brochures
Level 7 Item Build your export capabilities
Level 8 Item Related content
Level 9 Item Business Tasmania – exporting
Level 9 Item Austrade – guide to exporting
Level 9 Item Austrade – export markets
Level 6 Item Other Export Grant Opportunities
Level 5 Item International Relations
Level 6 Item China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Tasmania
Level 6 Item Fujian Province and Tasmania
Level 5 Item Export Awards 2021
Level 3 Item Cultural and Tourism Development
Level 4 Item Links
Level 5 Item Arts Tasmania
Level 5 Item Events Tasmania
Level 5 Item Screen Tasmania
Level 5 Item Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Level 5 Item Tourism and Hospitality Support
Level 4 Item Tourism and Hospitality Support Unit
Level 3 Item Renewables Tasmania
Level 3 Item Resources, Strategy and Policy
Level 4 Item Resource policy
Level 5 Item Forestry
Level 6 Item Contractor and employee programs
Level 6 Item Forestry Contractor Resilience Program
Level 6 Item Forest Stewardship Council Certification for Sustainable Timber Tasmania
Level 6 Item Future Potential Production Forest Land
Level 6 Item Management and utilisation of forest residues
Level 7 Item Related content
Level 8 Item Strategic_Advice_Southern_Residues_-_Even_Rolley.pdf
Level 8 Item Forest_Residues_Solution_Study_Stage_1.pdf
Level 8 Item Forest_Residues_Solution_Study_Stage_2.pdf
Level 8 Item Merch_report.pdf
Level 8 Item Stemwood_report.pdf
Level 7 Item Thumbnails
Level 8 Item Strategic_advice.JPG
Level 8 Item Stage_1.JPG
Level 8 Item Stage_2.JPG
Level 8 Item Merch.jpg
Level 8 Item Stemwood.jpg
Level 6 Item On-Island Processing Program
Level 6 Item Past programs and information
Level 6 Item Permanent Native Forest Estate Policy
Level 6 Item Strategic Growth Plan
Level 6 Item The Tarkine
Level 7 Item Updated_Tarkine_Fact_Sheet_August_2021.pdf
Level 6 Item Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA)
Level 7 Item Extending the Tasmanian RFA
Level 8 Item Public Submissions, December 2016
Level 7 Item RFA Reviews and Amendments
Level 6 Item Tasmanian Wood Encouragement Policy
Level 7 Item Related content
Level 8 Item Tasmanian_Wood_Encouragement_Policy.PDF
Level 6 Item Wood and Fibre Processing Innovation Program 2016
Level 6 Item Special species timbers
Level 5 Item Mining and minerals processing
Level 5 Item Tasmanian Energy Security Taskforce
Level 6 Item Final Report
Level 6 Item Interim Report
Level 6 Item Consultation paper
Level 6 Item Tasmanian Energy Taskforce Members
Level 6 Item Newsletters
Level 4 Item Industry Strategy, Planning and Coordination
Level 3 Item Transport Services Group
Level 4 Item Passenger Transport
Level 4 Item Road Safety
Level 2 Item Policies governing the Department
Level 3 Item Policies
Level 4 Item Accessibility
Level 4 Item Gifts, benefits and hospitality policy
Level 4 Item Information disclosure policy
Level 4 Item Public Interest Disclosure Procedures
Level 2 Item Organisational structure
Level 3 Item orgchart.png
Level 2 Item Our Ministers
Level 2 Item Planning Reform Taskforce
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Planning Scheme Fact Sheet
Level 3 Item Links
Level 4 Item Tasmanian Planning Scheme Fact Sheet
Level 2 Item Public Interest Disclosure Procedures
Level 2 Item Right to Information
Level 3 Item Disclosure log
Level 3 Item How to make a RTI application
Level 4 Item Assessed disclosure
Level 4 Item What we will do
Level 4 Item Review process
Level 4 Item Exempt information
Level 4 Item Ombudsman guidelines
Level 3 Item Routine disclosure
Level 4 Item Contracts and consultancies
Level 4 Item Departmental governance policies
Level 4 Item Employment and workforce statistics
Level 4 Item Gifts and hospitality register
Level 4 Item International Missions
Level 4 Item Major policy and program initiatives and reviews
Level 4 Item Memoranda of Understanding
Level 5 Item 2018 China Mission
Level 6 Item Win-Chain_and_Tasmanian_Government_MOU.PDF
Level 6 Item Putuo_and_Study_Tasmania_-_MoU.PDF
Level 6 Item State_of_Tasmania_and_Fujian_Provinc~_Agreement_on_establishing_the_joint_committee_for_co-operation_and_development.PDF
Level 6 Item Japan_Agriculture_Biei_JA_Biei_and_Tasmanian_Government_MOU.pdf
Level 6 Item MoU_IPEV_-_Tas_Govt_21_Nov_2019_English.pdf
Level 4 Item Organisational structure and functions
Level 4 Item Road projects
Level 4 Item Senior Executive Service information
Level 4 Item Taxi and hire vehicle statistics
Level 5 Item Taxi_and_Hire_vehicle_statistics_Routine_Disclosure-_May_2018.PDF
Level 4 Item Telecommunications expenditure
Level 2 Item Statutory Authorities
Level 2 Item Tasmanian Development Board
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Development Board members
Level 4 Item Tasmanian Development Board activity reports
Level 2 Item Tasmanian Technopark
Level 3 Item Business and administrative services
Level 3 Item Conference and seminar facility
Level 3 Item Development opportunities
Level 3 Item Eligibility criteria
Level 3 Item Services and facilities
Level 3 Item Technopark tenants
Level 2 Item Tendering and contracts
Level 2 Item White Ribbon Workplace
Level 2 Item Corporate Plan
Level 2 Item Boards and Committees
Level 3 Item Small tiles
Level 3 Item Image
Level 4 Item Board_desk_and_chairs.jpg
Level 4 Item women_on_boards_image.jpg
Level 4 Item women_on_boards_image_wide.jpg
Level 4 Item women1.jpg
Level 3 Item About Boards and Committees
Level 3 Item Women on Boards
Level 3 Item Registering interest in becoming a board member
Level 3 Item Current list of boards and committees
Level 4 Item women_on_boards_image.jpg
Level 3 Item Useful links and documents
Level 1 Item Careers
Level 2 Item Job vacancies and opportunities
Level 2 Item Learning and development
Level 2 Item Work and life balance
Level 2 Item Workplace diversity and inclusion
Level 2 Item Workplace values
Level 2 Item Volunteering
Level 1 Item Contact us
Level 1 Item News
Level 2 Item Links
Level 3 Item View full list
Level 2 Item Archived news
Level 3 Item Protecting Tasmanian water, gas and electricity customers
Level 4 Item web_icons14.jpg
Level 3 Item Small business support update
Level 4 Item web_icons4.jpg
Level 3 Item COVIDSafe app now available
Level 4 Item covidsafe-app.jpg
Level 3 Item Support for Temporary Visa holders
Level 4 Item web_icons27.jpg
Level 3 Item Supporting learner drivers
Level 4 Item steering.png
Level 3 Item Mobile Black Spot Program enhancing services in regional Tasmania
Level 4 Item web_icons26.jpg
Level 3 Item Programs and financial support for Tasmanian businesses
Level 4 Item financial_support.jpg
Level 3 Item Parents and learner drivers
Level 4 Item learners.jpg
Level 3 Item The Easter Bunny is coming to Tasmania
Level 4 Item Bunny.jpg
Level 3 Item TMAG maintenance works support art and business
Level 4 Item TMAG.jpg
Level 3 Item Supporting agricultural businesses and ensuring food supply
Level 4 Item Agricultural.jpg
Level 3 Item Supporting small business through tough times
Level 4 Item web_icons4.jpg
Level 3 Item Securing air freight access
Level 4 Item passengerjet.jpg
Level 3 Item Energy cost relief for Tasmanians
Level 4 Item powerline.jpg
Level 3 Item Gatherings and movement restrictions
Level 4 Item web_icons21.jpg
Level 3 Item Energy consumers protected
Level 4 Item web_icons14.jpg
Level 3 Item Cashless bus fares and fare amnesty
Level 4 Item Cashless_bus_fares_and_fare_amnesty.png
Level 3 Item Additional TT-Line sailings
Level 4 Item ttsailings.jpg
Level 3 Item More support for our vital primary industries
Level 4 Item primary_industries.jpg
Level 3 Item Supporting our cultural and creative industries
Level 4 Item arts_icon.png
Level 3 Item Financial support for small business
Level 4 Item Financial_support_for_small_business.png
Level 3 Item Measures to assist residential renters
Level 4 Item BT_web_icon_Blue.jpg
Level 3 Item Further venue closures
Level 4 Item Sorry_were_closed.jpg
Level 3 Item Private airstrips closed to interstate aircrafts
Level 4 Item planeicon.jpg
Level 3 Item Supporting businesses in Tasmania
Level 4 Item supplies.jpg
Level 3 Item NW bus changes deferred
Level 4 Item Public_transport.jpg
Level 3 Item Ensuring essential supplies for Tasmanians
Level 4 Item trolly.jpg
Level 3 Item COAG energy update
Level 4 Item COAG_energy_update.png
Level 3 Item Maintaining essential energy supply
Level 4 Item Maintaining_essential_energy_supply.png
Level 3 Item Further economic stimulus measures welcomed
Level 4 Item Web_icon_Financial.jpg
Level 3 Item Coronavirus scams
Level 4 Item Web_icon_IT_security.jpg
Level 3 Item Antarctic meetings cancelled
Level 4 Item Web_icon_Antarctica.jpg
Level 3 Item WCWR operations suspended
Level 4 Item Web_icon_Travel.jpg
Level 3 Item Border restrictions to protect Tasmanians
Level 4 Item border_restrictions.jpg
Level 3 Item Government stimulus package
Level 4 Item Dollar.jpg
Level 3 Item COVID-19 – Tasmanian hotlines
Level 4 Item virusSmall.jpg
Level 3 Item COVID-19 – Protecting yourself
Level 4 Item virusSmall.jpg
Level 3 Item COVID-19 – NEW self assessment tool as at 18 March 2020
Level 4 Item virusSmall.jpg
Level 3 Item COVID-19 – Hand washing procedure
Level 4 Item virusSmall.jpg
Level 3 Item Support for skilled visa holders
Level 4 Item Support_for_skilled_visa_holders.png
Level 4 Item visa.jpg
Level 3 Item Driver assessments recommence
Level 4 Item Driver_assessments_recommence.png
Level 3 Item More COVID-19 testing clinics
Level 3 Item Supporting Tasmania's forestry workers
Level 4 Item web_icons29.jpg
Level 3 Item Mineral exploration grants now open
Level 4 Item MRTCoreLibrary_12_Dec_2019_90.jpg
Level 3 Item PPE register to support local businesses
Level 4 Item PPE_register_to_support_local_businesses.png
Level 3 Item Keeping essential taxi services operating
Level 4 Item wheel_and_keys.jpg
Level 3 Item Waiving payroll tax on JobKeeper payments
Level 4 Item Waiving_payroll_tax_on_JobKeeper_payments.png
Level 3 Item Support to boost staff skills and training
Level 4 Item Support_to_boost_staff_skills_and_training.png
Level 3 Item Supporting Tasmanian artists
Level 4 Item Supporting_Tasmanian_artists.png
Level 3 Item Trade sales in the NW
Level 4 Item Trade_sales_in_the_NW.png
Level 3 Item New pathway for learner drivers
Level 4 Item steering.png
Level 3 Item Cashless bus fares and fare amnesty extended
Level 4 Item cashless_bus_fares_and_fare_amnesty_extended.png
Level 3 Item Easier driver’s licence renewals
Level 4 Item wheel_and_keys.jpg
Level 3 Item Support for Tasmanians who have lost their job
Level 4 Item hammer.png
Level 3 Item Business vehicle registration relief
Level 4 Item Business_vehicle_registration_relief.png
Level 3 Item Supporting our creative arts
Level 4 Item Supporting_our_creative_arts.png
Level 3 Item Using buses during COVID-19
Level 4 Item bus.jpg
Level 3 Item Driver assessments suspended
Level 4 Item Wheel.jpg
Level 3 Item Public transport continuing
Level 4 Item bus.jpg
Level 3 Item Fare amnesty is ending
Level 4 Item bus2.png
Level 3 Item STEM Excellence Awards 2020
Level 4 Item Medical_Research_Credit_Rob_Burnett_sm.png
Level 3 Item Cultural and Creative Industries Recovery Strategy launched
Level 4 Item terrapin.jpg
Level 3 Item Socialising in a Covid-safe way this summer
Level 4 Item compliance.jpg
Level 3 Item Helping more small businesses with their energy costs
Level 4 Item calculator_cash.jpg
Level 3 Item Mental health support for small businesses
Level 4 Item mental_health.png
Level 3 Item Glamorgan Spring Bay - Visitor Gap Analysis
Level 4 Item DJI_0064_web.png
Level 4 Item VIC_Gap_Analaysis_-_Overview_V1.0.pdf
Level 3 Item Consultation on Events Framework underway
Level 4 Item singerguy.jpg
Level 3 Item Tree planting initiatives help farmers
Level 4 Item cows_under_sky.jpg
Level 3 Item More Midland Highway safety upgrades delivered
Level 4 Item Midland_Hwy_StoSP_web.jpg
Level 3 Item Tassie’s Tourism sector releases a Safe Travel Campaign
Level 4 Item open_sign.jpg
Level 3 Item New grant program opens for the events sector
Level 4 Item boats_and_flags_web.jpg
Level 3 Item Tasman Bridge upgrades announced
Level 4 Item Tasman_Bridge_news.jpg
Level 3 Item Energy and Infrastructure Funding Programs now open
Level 4 Item ClunyDamAndPowerStation_credit_Hydro_Tasmania_news.jpg
Level 3 Item Community feedback sought on Bridgewater Bridge Project
Level 4 Item bridgewater_bridge1_dec2010_news.jpg
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan 2020 – Giving Young Tasmanians Their Say
Level 4 Item TREAP_image_new.png
Level 3 Item Training funds now available
Level 4 Item Cropped_man.png
Level 3 Item More small business support loans
Level 4 Item Application_new.png
Level 3 Item Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Funding
Level 4 Item closed_image01.png
Level 4 Item appsclosed_red_new.png
Level 4 Item appsclosed_new.png
Level 4 Item appsclosed.jpg
Level 4 Item Renewable_hydrogen_cover_pic.jpg
Level 3 Item Energy grants to assist small businesses
Level 4 Item lightbulbcalc.jpg
Level 3 Item Grants to help export businesses
Level 4 Item Grants_to_help_export_businesses.png
Level 3 Item Cambridge Link Road open
Level 4 Item Cambridge_Link_Road_open.jpg
Level 3 Item Designing the New Bridgewater Bridge
Level 4 Item Designing_the_New_Bridgewater_Bridge.jpg
Level 3 Item Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council interim report
Level 4 Item peopleute.jpg
Level 3 Item Travel safe together – keeping everyone on our buses safe from COVID-19
Level 4 Item bus2.png
Level 3 Item Draft Renewable Energy Action Plan released for comment
Level 4 Item Renewable_energy_cover_pic.jpg
Level 3 Item Buy Something Tasmanian online marketplace
Level 4 Item Buy_Something_Tasmanian_online_marketplace.png
Level 3 Item Skills Matching Service
Level 4 Item Skills_Matching_Service_operational.png
Level 3 Item Supporting Tassie businesses to succeed online
Level 4 Item web_icons25.jpg
Level 2 Item Forestry On-Island Processing Program
Level 3 Item On_Island_Processing_Program.jpg
Level 2 Item Have Your Say on the Southern Projects
Level 3 Item southern_projects.jpg
Level 2 Item Residential Land Rebate
Level 3 Item shutterstock_Primrose_Sands.jpg
Level 2 Item State Growth is recruiting
Level 3 Item appform.jpg
Level 2 Item STEM Excellence Awards
Level 3 Item medical_research_image.jpg
Level 2 Item Derwent Ferry services start on 9 August 2021
Level 3 Item ferry.jpg
Level 2 Item Tasmania’s Antarctic sector continues to grow
Level 3 Item L_Astrolabe_and_sailors_on_Hobart_docks_Credit_Miranda_Nieboer.jpg
Level 2 Item Tasmanian firm to build new shiploader at Burnie
Level 3 Item burnie.jpg
Level 2 Item Alleged unauthorised release of information
Level 3 Item tasgovbordered.png
Level 2 Item The Department of State Growth is now accepting applications for the Ancillary Dwelling Grants Program
Level 3 Item grants_article.png
Level 2 Item Tasmania appoints first Trade Advocate to Japan
Level 3 Item japan_01.png
Level 2 Item Tasman Highway road closure near Orford
Level 3 Item roadclosed.png
Level 2 Item Advocating Tasmanian trade in the US
Level 3 Item shutterstock_Cargo_Ship.jpg
Level 2 Item Have your say on the future of Greater Hobart
Level 3 Item hobartwaterfront.jpg
Level 2 Item Taking Tasmanian products to the nation
Level 3 Item strawberries.png
Level 2 Item New programs to bolster Tasmania’s cultural and creative industries
Level 3 Item arts_new_programs.jpg
Level 2 Item Getting back to business: further increases to theatre and cinema capacity
Level 3 Item state_theatre.png
Level 2 Item Increasing venue capacity
Level 3 Item tastetas.jpg
Level 2 Item More export choices for Tasmanian businesses
Level 3 Item Noske_Skog_credit_Adam_Gibson_107.jpg
Level 2 Item Supporting businesses through red tape reduction
Level 3 Item Design_drafting.png
Level 2 Item New Adult Learning Strategy for skills and jobs
Level 3 Item skill.jpg
Level 2 Item Forging a manufacturing future
Level 3 Item manufacturing.jpg
Level 1 Item Right to Information
Level 2 Item Disclosure log
Level 2 Item How to make a RTI application
Level 2 Item Routine disclosure