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Department of State Growth

Taxis and Hire Vehicles

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industry Legislation

The taxi and hire vehicle industries are regulated by the Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Act 2008. Reviews of this legislation occurred in 2006-2007 and 2011.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WAT) Reviews

The WAT program has been operating since 2004.Some elements of the program were reviewed through the preparation of the Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Act 2008, and further examination of specific aspects of the program is currently underway.

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industry Regulatory Review 2017

The Department of State Growth is leading the Tasmanian Government’s Regulatory Review of the Tasmanian Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries (the Review). The Tasmanian Government committed to the Review in late 2015 as part of the Government’s policy for embracing the sharing economy, which has included supporting the entry to Tasmania of new ride-sourcing services like Uber.

Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (and associated issues)

KPMG's report into Tasmania's taxi licence release arrangements was presented to the State Government in 2013. 

Tasmanian Economic Regulator's Taxi Fare Methodology Inquiry

The Tasmanian Economic Regulator completed its taxi fare methodology inquiry and provided its Final Report to the Government on 30 May 2013.