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Department of State Growth

City Deals in Tasmania

City Deals are partnerships between the Australian, state/territory and local governments to position Australia’s population centres for the future.

On 16 January 2018, the Australian and Tasmanian governments entered into an agreement to negotiate the terms of a Hobart City Deal.

The Hobart City Deal will be the second City Deal in Tasmania and follows the signing of the Launceston City Deal on 20 April 2017.

Hobart City Deal

The Hobart City Deal will support Hobart’s growth as a vibrant, liveable capital city, which is part of a connected region linking communities, destinations and precincts.

It will improve access to communities, education, employment and emerging opportunities, and stimulate economic growth. The City Deal will leverage Hobart’s natural amenity and liveability to continue to position it as a growing, innovative and global city.

The City Deal will focus on harnessing the emerging opportunities and investment occurring in Hobart as it transitions into an increasingly diverse, vibrant and populated global city that is an epicentre for the region’s community and visitors, cultural arts and recreational activity, businesses and services.

The Hobart City Deal will do this by:

  • fostering an innovative economy that draws on Hobart’s comparative advantages as the gateway to Antarctica and as a world leader in Antarctic and Southern Ocean scientific research, and builds capabilities in STEM disciplines
  • investing in key strategic corridors, linkages and transport modes and infrastructure to provide efficient transport options that enhance accessibility, amenity and liveability
  • creating targeted clusters of infrastructure, people, and capabilities to establish or enhance innovative and thriving hubs and destinations in the city
  • building stronger partnerships  to promote strategic planning outcomes and service delivery that considers the impact on, and benefits for, the Greater Hobart region.

The development of the Hobart City Deal will be guided by the following agreements:

Launceston City Deal

The Launceston City Deal is a partnership between the Australian and Tasmanian governments and the City of Launceston and was Tasmania’s first City Deal, and the second for Australia.

The Launceston City Deal is a five-year plan, running from 2017 to 2022, to position Launceston as one of Australia’s most liveable and innovative regional cities.

The City Deal maximises Launceston’s potential through targeted investment to deliver:

  • jobs and skills growth
  • business, industry and population growth
  • a vibrant, liveable city
  • innovation and industry engagement
  • a healthy Tamar Estuary.

A copy of the full Launceston City Deal and a Snapshot of the deal can be found here.