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Department of State Growth

White Ribbon workplace accreditation achieved!

It's official. State Growth can now proudly be known as a White Ribbon accredited workplace. We received eight “outstanding" ratings and seven “achieved" ratings from the 15 criteria that make up the accreditation framework.

In fact, White Ribbon Australia advised that we are not just accredited, but from 175 organisations currently nationally accredited, we have performed the best ever and are now the new leaders in this space. In response to the issue of men's violence against women, we were specifically rated as “outstanding" regarding internal communications, engagement, policy development and communication, manager training, risk assessment, support for victims and our approach to continuous improvement.

Of particular note was the positive feedback we received in relation to:

  • the regular and original communications with staff and stakeholders
  • the practically-focussed Family Violence Support Policy and Factsheets and the innovation we displayed in the design of our Workplace Safety Plan
  • the engaging and thought-provoking training for all our managers and supervisors, and
  • the comprehensive nature of the White Ribbon Operational Plan 2018-2021 which makes a strong commitment that the work will continue.​

Special mention was also made about the leadership shown by State Growth, and an excellent example being the White Ribbon Heads of Agency short video.

While the workplace accreditation result validates the honest and comprehensive approach we have taken as a department, there is still more to do and the work will be ongoing. Shortly we'll be focussed on continued engagement, learning opportunities via face-to-face staff training, work further integrating White Ribbon with our contractors and as part of our grant process as well as organising events and fundraising opportunities.​