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Department of State Growth


Q: Is there a minimum amount of funding that an applicants must contribute towards eligible projects?

A: Yes. Under the program, eligible projects must have an applicant contribution of at least 50%. It is expected that this would primarily be a cash contribution, although there may be some instances where a smaller component of in kind contribution is considered appropriate by the assessment panel where it is sufficiently justified, detailed, and appropriately costed in the application.

Q: What are eligible funding costs?

A: Grant funding can be claimed for and spent on the following eligible costs, subject to those costs being directly related to the program:

  • expenditure on plant, equipment, and materials.
  • labour expenses (including commissioning).
  • site survey, engineering, and civil works costs.
  • direct administrative expenses.

Q: What costs cannot be claimed?

A: The following costs are not eligible to be claimed under this program:

  • costs not directly related to the project.
  • ongoing costs incurred after the project is completed (e.g., operating and maintenance costs).
  • retrospective payments or expenditure incurred prior to signing of funding agreement(s).
  • GST payments.
  • site acquisition and site rehabilitation.
  • contingency allowances.
  • any costs incurred due to non‑compliance with legislation.

Q: What types of projects are not eligible under this program?

A: The following types of projects are not eligible under this program:

  • projects that are not physically located in Tasmania.
  • projects where business operations are not conducted in Tasmania.
  • feasibility studies and consultancies.
  • academic research papers.

Q: If further information is required of an application, how long does an applicant have?

A: This information must be provided within 3 working days, unless otherwise advised. Failure to provide further requested information within the timeframe may result in the application being refused.

Q: Does an eligible application guarantee funding?

A: No. All eligible applications for this grant program will be competitively assessed against the criteria set out below. As the program has limited funding, not all eligible applicants will be successful.

It is also important to note that eligible proposals may not receive the full of amount of grant funding requested within their proposal or any funding at all. Applications will be assessed by order of merit and, as such, funding will be allocated on a ranking basis.

The Department may also offer a level of financial support the assessment panel deems appropriate under the funding constraints of the program.

Q: How are applications assessed?

A: Eligible proposals will be competitively assessed against the assessment criteria outlined in the program guidelines. These criteria are weighted towards projects with a demonstrable experience, viability, feasibility, and their ability to meet the primary aim of the grant program.

An assessment panel will be responsible for assessing all eligible applications for the Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant Program and making recommendations to the Tasmanian Government. The assessment panel may be supported by advisors to provide technical, regulatory, economic, financial and probity advice on applications, where required.