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Forest Policy

Forestry is critical to Tasmania's future, and our role is instrumental in developing strategies and policies to rebuild our valuable forestry industry as a key economic driver by creating jobs and opportunities.

We provide the Minister for Forestry with advice on forest policy and major reform initiatives, and undertake a range of high level policy implementation tasks.

Current issues in the forest industry:

Information on past programs, agreements, projects and reports is also available on this site.

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Forestry Tasmania is a Government Business Enterprise established under the Forestry Act 1920. Its main business is the sustainable production and delivery of forest products and services for optimum community benefit.

Private Forests Tasmania principal objectives are to develop and advocate strategic and policy advice to the Minister for Resources and forestry partners on all matters relating to private forestry in Tasmania, and to work in partnership with growers, managers, investors  and industry to develop and manage Tasmania's private forests and to initiate extended or new market opportunities.

Forest Practices Authority (FPA) administers the Tasmanian forest practices system. Launched in July 2005, the FPA is based on the Forest Practices Board but incorporates significant developments. The FPA has a board of directors, an advisory council and a team of scientists, advisors, compliance officers and administrative staff.

Rural Alive and Well Inc (RAW) is a not-for-profit organisation, which provides outreach referral services. The services available include referrals for mental health services, suicide prevention and community wellbeing assistance for individuals, families, businesses and communities located within rural and remote Tasmania. RAW has a dedicated 24/7 help line 1300 HELP MATE (1300 4357 6283).  You can use this number when in need to access the services provided.

Forest Facts

The Department has produced a Forestry Fact Sheet which gives some basic facts about forestry in Tasmania, including land-use types and areas, forestry production statistics, the level of employment and economic activity in the industry, recent Tasmanian Government initiatives, and briefly describes the Forest Management System under which the industry operates.