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Arts Tasmania

Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund

The Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund supports Tasmanian artists and arts organisations to work with Tasmanian screen professionals to make content for digital distribution and promotion.

This program was designed to support artists and arts organisations whose work has been cancelled, postponed or disrupted by COVID-19 to work with screen partners.

The Minister for the Arts has announced funding of $506 396 to 29 projects.

This funding is part of the Tasmanian Government Cultural and Creative Industries Development Package.

As part of this package, the Minister has also announced funding for the Tasmanian Music Fund and the second Accelerated Screen Development Fund.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.





Anaya Latham with Caleb Miller and Jabra Latham

$4 800

The Long Walk

The artist will work with a videographer to produce a short dance film with an original score.

Anthony Flowers with Nick Falk and Peter W. Allen

$10 000

Amplified Books

The group will work together to create animated versions of children’s books.

Archipelago Productions with Blue Cow Theatre and Angus Cerini

$49 029

Adapting work for digital and online platforms

The organisations will work together with a screen professional to produce promotional material and documentation of theatrical works.

Belinda Loren with Laura Eastley

$5 000


This collaboration will produce a promotional reel for an upcoming theatre work aimed at assisting young people to deal with stress.

Big hART with Burnie Regional Art Gallery (Burnie City Council) and Frederique Olivier

$30 000

Taslaska – Peripheries

Big hART Inc. and collaborators will work to develop the film making skills of young and emerging artists from Tasmania’s North West.

Blue Rocket Productions Pty Ltd with Blue Cow Theatre

$49 880

The Tasmanian World News

The organisations will collaborate to produce a ten episode comedy series that parodies local news.

Brett Spinks with Daniel Townsend, Joseph Shrimpton and Reece Lyne

$5 400

Poor Man’s Pot and Live a three65

The group will work together to present a monthly live stream of a variety show.

Burnie Arts Council Inc. with Big hART Inc., North West Support Services and Andrew Del Vecchio

$17 691

Taking paper on skin 2020 online

The Burnie Arts Council Inc. will work with Big hART Inc, North West Support Services and Andrew Del Vecchio to take paper on skin 2020 online.

Contemporary Art Tasmania with the Karadi Aboriginal Corporation, Joe Chelkowski and Ruth Langford

$45 080

Iakapawa – to be seen

This collaboration will see 20 Tasmanian Aboriginal artists work closely with screen professionals to develop online content.

DRILL Performance Company Inc. with Jonathan Dieckfoss and Rebecca Thompson

$5 000

moving alone but not in isolation

The organisation will partner with screen professionals to choreograph and film a new body of work.

Emma Waters with Joseph Shrimpton and Tess Campbell

$10 000

A featurette movie to accompany album release

The group will create a featurette to accompany an upcoming Ewah and the Vision of Paradise album.

Harry Halcombe-James with Jack McLaine and Jacob Collings

$10 000

SELF – waiting room film

The artist will work with screen professionals to redevelop an installation work into a screen-based experience.

Jeff Blake with Matt Daniel

$10 000

The Best Show Ever Written by Anyone

This collaboration will convert a one-man theatre show in to a podcast.

Joshua Foley with Andrew Del Vecchio

$10 000

A parametric painting instructional video

This collaboration will document the creative process behind the artist’s latest body of work, resulting in an instructional video.

Lara van Raay with Deborah Wace, Michael Gissing and Pawel Achtel

$10 000

The Sartorial Naturalist

The group will work together to create a show reel that showcases the textile works of Deborah Wace.

Lauren Black with Craig Maddock and Peter Harmsen

$10 000

A Complex Beauty – the making of an exhibition

This collaboration will produce a short film that explores a body of work by visual artist Lauren Black.

Lauren Kronemyer with Alexander Last

$8 225

Adapting an experimental performance for digital platforms

The artist will work with a screen professional to deliver an online experimental performance.

Mandy Hunniford with Scott Atkins and Laurence Maddy

$8 016

Copper and Gold: Identity, History and Landscape

This collaboration will produce a film that explores the themes of the artists practice.

Mature Artist Dance Experience Inc. (MADE) with Craige Langworthy

$5 000

MADE for Screen

The organisation will work with a screen professional to create a cinematic retrospective celebrating 15 years of MADE productions.

Megan Walch with David Pyefinch

$10 000

A collaboration with David Pyefinch

This collaboration will translate existing artwork into audio and video formats, including animation.

Rogan Brown with Daniel James and Ella Watkins

$9 980

A short form series for an online platform

The group will work together to produce a six episode comedy series exploring issues experienced by millennials.

Round Table Studio with James Calvert

$8 000

100 Tasmanian Landscapes in 100 Days

The artist will work with screen professionals to create 100 small paintings to be shared online and through projection in public spaces.

Second Echo Ensemble with James Brennan and Keith Deverell

$10 000

The Stare

Second Echo Ensemble will work with screen professionals to create short videos that share the experiences of artists with disabilities.

Sofie Burgoyne with Dylan Sheridan, Tess Campbell and Wendy Morrow

$10 000

Gestures of Care – a speculation of what could be

This collaboration will adapt a performance work that explores experiences of female care workers to be shared with an online audience.

Steven Pearce with Jen Sanger

$10 000

Documenting the Giants

This collaboration will produce a documentary film that explores the discovery of giant trees in the Tasmanian wilderness. The film will be shared online and in exhibitions.

Tasdance with Blur Films

$49 300

A collaboration with Blur Films

Tasdance will work with Blur Films to support and document the ongoing development of Collision and Kanaplila Ngari.

Terrapin Puppet Theatre with Secret Lab

$50 000

Working with Secret Lab to create an interactive game

This collaboration will develop a prototype adventure game to accompany the theatrical work Scaredy Cat.

Tess Campbell with Alex Laird, Callum Cusick and Sam Mountford

$9 860

Pre-production for a moving image project

The group will develop a video work based on a Tasmanian screenplay, as the first instalment of The Krill Project.

Van Diemen’s Band Inc. with Caleb Miller, Ignite Digi, Helen Thomson and the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra

$36 135

The Song of the Birds at the Spring Bay Mill

This collaboration will produce a professional film of The Song of the Birds, at the Spring Bay Mill.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers gave the following feedback to help current and future applicants.

  • Successful applicants clearly demonstrated an understanding of how to adapt or present work in a digital or screen format.
  • Applicants who clearly explained the rationale behind the proposed partnership or collaboration, and how it would benefit all involved, were more likely to be successful.
  • Applications that showed a clear, practical and achievable outcome were strongly supported. Peers noted that some applicants were overly ambitious and did not include plans for sharing their work.
  • Peers recommended applicants spend time thinking about how activities would be shared with new and existing audiences.
  • Applicants were also encouraged to include budget items for marketing and digital distribution when exploring opportunities to deepen or widen audience engagement.
  • The peers strongly encouraged applicants to include artist wages and fees for all professionals involved in an activity, as well as CVs or biographies.
  • Peers asked that applicants write in Plain English and avoid unnecessary art form speak and jargon – especially when applying to programs that will be assessed by peers from a variety of creative sectors.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed programs included in the Tasmanian Government’s Cultural and Creative Industries stimulus package (incorporating the Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund and the Tasmanian Contemporary Music Fund):

  • Dan Rooke
  • Erin Collins
  • Harry Edwards
  • Heidi Maguire
  • Jane Forrest
  • Jason Imms
  • Katrine Elliot
  • Matthew Fargher
  • Sarah Triffit
  • Shaun Wilson