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Arts Tasmania

Education Residencies 2019-20

Education Residencies give opportunities for Tasmanian artists to focus on their practice in an educational environment.

They offer a chance for young people to build their capacity to engage in the Arts. They also offer artists a chance to inspire or re-connect with their practice.

The Minister for the Arts has approved funding of $40 000 to four artists in this round.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.


Eloise Kirk - $10 000 towards a residency at Hobart College, Hobart

Luke Campbell - $10 000 towards a residency at Rosny College, Rosny

Sofie Burgoyne - $10 000 towards a residency at Don College, Devonport

Susan Simonini - $10 000 towards a residency at Launceston Grammar School, Launceston

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers gave the following feedback to help current and future applicants:

  • Discuss your application - even if you have previously applied for funding - with a member of Arts Tasmania’s Grants Team. Guidelines can change from round to round and it is important to make sure your information is up to date.
  • The Education Residencies are an artist in residence program. Peers were supportive of applications that will let artists develop their practice in an education environment.
  • Write in plain English and avoid unnecessary artform specific language or jargon.
  • Proof read all parts of the application before submitting.
  • Make sure artistic support material is recent and relevant to your application.
  • Letters of support should be targeted and specific to your application. A good letter of support should also show strong and genuine enthusiasm for your project.
  • Clearly show how your project will benefit your practice, young people, educators, the school (including the wider school community).
  • Include accessible timelines that are clear, easy to read and that show all the activities in your project.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in this round (incorporating Artsbridge, Individuals and Groups, Organisations, Organisations [multi-year] and low-interest loans):

  • Allison Bell
  • Angela Driver
  • Dan Rooke
  • Harry Edwards
  • Jabra Latham
  • Jami Bladel
  • Jane Forrest
  • Kate Gordon
  • Kiri Morcombe
  • Liam James
  • Megan Dick
  • Michelle Boyde
  • Michelle Forbes
  • Nathan Tucker
  • Samantha Dennis
  • Serena Rosevear
  • Tania Walker
  • Tracey Cockburn
  • Wayne Hudson

There were also peers that participated in this assessment who wished to remain anonymous and their names have not been published.