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Arts Tasmania

Artistic support material

Artistic support material refers to examples of your artistic practice.

We accept support material in the following formats:

  • URLs - a website link which links directly to where an example of your work may be viewed
  • Written material - PDF, Word, Excel
  • Images - PNG, JPEG, PowerPoint
  • Audio - MP3, Windows Media
  • Video - MP4, QuickTime, Windows Media

Support material tips:

  • You should provide recent examples that best demonstrate the quality of your past or present work, and are relevant to the proposal.
  • URLs needs to be a direct link to your artistic support material and should not require further navigation, or for a file to be downloaded.
  • Please ensure you include any passwords for protected URLs in the online application form.

Letters of support

Individuals, groups or organisations can write letters in support of your application. Good support letters demonstrate an understanding of the project, confirm any co-contributions, and describe the benefits of the project to the applicant, participants or community.

Late support material

We cannot accept support material after you submit your application.

Hard copy material

Hard copy submissions will be considered if you are unable to submit electronically. If you think you will have difficulty submitting your support material online, please contact us on (03) 6165 6666 or