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Launceston City Deal

Metrics for northern Tasmania

Over the next ten years, investment through the Launceston City Deal will shape our city’s future by creating jobs, generating economic growth and reducing disadvantage in our community.

To show how far we’ve come we need to know where we began, so one of the first commitments under the City Deal has been to develop a way to measure our success. A tailored set of metrics have been created to measure our success against regional targets for our population, education outcomes, and our regional economy.

The metrics are focused on our people, participation in education and employment, and business productivity.

  • People: population growth, age profile and migration.
  • Participation: secondary school, VET, higher education and employment statistics.
  • Productivity: focusing on economic and business growth and changes in average income, value of export and innovation.

Drawn from Australian Bureau of Statistics data, as well as other government and regional data, the current metrics for northern Tasmania represent the state of our region in 2016, before the City Deal was signed. This gives us a starting point to measure our successes.

Updated metrics will be provided at five and ten year intervals to monitor change and measure the benefits the City Deal is delivering for the region over time.

Project partners

Commonwealth GovernmentTasmanian GovernmentCity of Launceston