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Launceston City Deal

CBD infill redevelopment

More and more people are recognising Launceston’s lifestyle advantages and looking to make the city their home.

Launceston’s inner city is an ideal location to live - well connected to education, employment and transport, amidst a streetscape peppered with parks and gardens.

To encourage more people to enjoy living in the heart of Launceston, we are exploring innovative ways to create residential housing in the city centre.

Spaces that could become some of Launceston’s most desirable homes are waiting to be discovered above and in between our city’s shops and building.

Hidden gems on upper floors, including behind the elegant facades of our historic architecture, are waiting to be reimagined as contemporary living spaces. Pockets of vacant land between the city’s existing buildings provide potential for new development.

By activating new places to live, we will bring the community into the city centre and create vibrant inner city neighbourhoods while also adding value to existing properties.

Project partners

Commonwealth GovernmentTasmanian GovernmentCity of Launceston