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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Two new reports in the Tyennan Series

Two reports by Dr David Grey and Dr Michael Vicary on the structural geology of the Tyennan region have recently been published by MRT.

1. Structural Geology of the Eastern Southern Tyennan Domain, Tasmania - This paper focuses on the eastern part of the Southern Tyennan domain. The area consists of a ~2km composite metamorphic sheet made up, from top to base, of obducted platy quartzite, quartzite, low-grade pelite and high-grade schist. The outcrop pattern and structural formlines in So/Sm and Sm define an ovoid form, also expressed in the topography, with a broad, box-like fold geometry that has ~45km width.

2. Structural Geology of the Red Point Metamorphic Complex, Southern Tyennan Domain, Tasmania -The Red Point Metamorphic Complex consists of two outcrop belts of high-pressure, medium grade garnet- and porphyroblastic albite-mica-schist, quartz-mica schist and quartzite. The northern medium-grade, north-northeast-trending belt and the southern medium-grade, east-northeast-trending belt are in fault contact with, and separated by, a low-grade sequence (LGS) consisting of laminated, locally cross-stratified quartzite and interlayered quartz-rich and biotite-white mica rich phyllite.