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Sport and Recreation

Minor Grants

In 2020-21, the COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants Programs – Tranche 3 and Tranche 4 were offered in place of the Minor and Major Grants Programs. Further information about these programs is available here.


The Sport and Recreation Minor Grants Program provided grants of between $500 and $10,000 to clubs, associations, local government and other not-for-profit providers of sport and active recreation.

The  Minor Grants Program offered financial assistance towards equipment purchases and/or the development/improvement of facilities or playing surfaces that directly benefit sport and recreation clubs and improved opportunities for Tasmanians to participate in sport and active recreation.

Eligible projects had to benefit sport and/or recreation clubs. Applicants had to contribute at least half of the project funding.

Community Support Levy

Funds for the Sport and Recreation Major and Minor Grants Programs were made available from the Tasmanian Government's Community Support Levy (CSL).  The CSL is funded from a percentage of the gross profits from gaming machines in hotels and clubs in Tasmania. The disbursement of CSL funds is outlined in Section 151 of the Gaming Control Act 1993. The CSL is distributed by the Treasurer in the following manner:

  • 25% for the benefit of sport and recreation clubs;
  • 25% for the benefit of charitable organisations;
  • 50% for the provision of:
    • research into gambling; and
    • services for the prevention of compulsive gambling; and
    • treatment or rehabilitation of compulsive gamblers; and
    • community education concerning gambling; and
    • other health services.

Communities, Sport and Recreation has responsibility for the CSL distribution and activities associated with (a), through the Major and Minor Grants Programs.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has responsibility for the CSL distribution and activities associated with (b) and (c) above. Information is available from DHHS on (03) 6166 3564 or by visiting the DHHS website.

For information about the CSL, please contact the Department of Treasury and Finance on (03) 6166 4444 or visit the Treasury website. Information may be found under the Liquor and Gaming section of the website.

Previous Successful Grant Recipients

View lists of successful recipients who previously applied for Minor Grants.

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For further information, please contact Sport and Recreation by emailing or phoning on 1800 204 224.