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Screen Tasmania

May 2022

Intermediate Stage

Black Eyed Kids – 7 x 1 hour drama series ($15 000)

  • Production company: Sweet Potato Films
  • Executive Producers: Jon Kramer, Joe Pruett,
  • Producer/Writer: Victoria Madden

After an unnaturally violent storm hits the small town of Sheffield, Tasmania, a group of children with unnaturally black eyes appear, intent on causing death and destruction in their quest to recruit local children to join their strange cult.

Untitled Made Up Stories Drama Series – 8 x 1 hour drama series ($15 000)

  • Production company: Made Up Stories
  • Executive Producers: Jodi Matterson, Bruna Papandrea, Janice Williams
  • Script Writer: Emily Ballou
  • Co-writer: Nathan Maynard

Flat Earthers – 8 x 30 min comedy series ($15 000)

  • Production company: Blur Films
  • Producers/Writers: Dylan Hesp, Michael O’Neill

Four delusional flat earth theorists attempt to spread the truth in a world of unbelievers.

Gorgeous – 6 x 1 hour drama series ($15 000)

  • Production company: Chips and Gravy Films
  • Producers/Writers: Alexandra Keddie, Gemma Bird Matheson

Off the back of a career defining story, Journalist Charlotte Barber returns home to Launceston, Tasmania to make a podcast; a ‘then and now’ piece juxtaposing the current 2017 Marriage Equality vote with the unsolved murder of her girlfriend’s mother 20 years earlier when homosexuality was still criminalised. As she conducts her investigations, Charlotte’s personal connection to the story becomes intertwined with her own need to confront the shame she’s held around her sexuality.

Advanced Stage

Flames – 8 x 1 hour drama series ($25 000)

  • Production company: Jungle Entertainment
  • Executive Producers: Celia Pacquola, Chloe Rickard, Shay Spencer
  • Producer: Fiona McConaghy
  • Author/Consultant: Robbie Arnott
  • Script Writer: Marieke Hardy
  • Writer: Nathan Maynard

A young woman with a magical secret flees her cursed family after the death of her mother. In a desperate attempt to bring her home, her unravelling brother hires an eccentric detective to hunt her down.