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Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania

About us

The Tasmanian Government established Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania (ReCFIT) in recognition of the alignment between a rapidly transitioning energy sector and the impacts and opportunities of a changing climate.

We are responsible for advising the Government on the state’s strategic direction on climate change, renewable energy growth and emissions reduction to help shape Tasmania’s future while maintaining a secure, sustainable, and affordable energy system.

We provide:

  • advice to the Government on energy, climate change and emissions reduction
  • input on state and national climate change priorities and policies and coordination of Tasmania’s climate change strategy
  • programs to support Tasmanian businesses and communities reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and prepare for and adapt to a changing climate
  • monitoring and reporting on Tasmania’s greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change
  • research and analysis to capitalise on the development of decarbonisation strategies to maximise our economic and job opportunities
  • oversight of energy regulation and current energy mix, development of pricing policy and monitoring of the security of our electricity system
  • a voice for our state on intergovernmental forums relating to the National Electricity Market
  • collaboration with industry, state owned energy businesses and communities on the planning and delivery of our large renewable energy projects, including green hydrogen

Statutory authority and related Acts

Our Executive Director of ReCFIT has statutory obligations and responsibilities as Director of Energy Planning under the Energy Co-ordination and Planning Act 1995. Our officers undertake the statutory position of the Jurisdictional System Security Coordinator.

We are guided by the Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008 and the Climate Change (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Regulations 2012.

ReCFIT is administratively supported by the Department of Treasury and Finance.