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Light Rail Business Case - Hobart to Glenorchy (2013)

A second business case examining the potential re-introduction of a passenger rail service in Hobart was finalised in 2013.

It followed the 2011 Hobart to Northern Suburbs Light Rail Business Case by ACIL-Tasman, which demonstrated that the proposal did not present the basis for a submission to the Commonwealth Government for implementation funding.

The 2011 business case was subject to a Peer Review process by AECOM. Among the findings of the Peer Review was that a shorter rail route, between Hobart and Glenorchy only, was likely to return a higher Benefit-Cost Ratio (BCR) and, therefore, likely to present a stronger basis on which the State Government could argue for external funding assistance.

A shorter route between Hobart and Glenorchy could be considered as Stage 1 of a northern suburbs light rail service.

Accordingly, ACIL-Tasman was re-engaged to develop a new Business Case for the Hobart to Glenorchy route on the existing rail corridor.  

The Light Rail Business Case – Hobart to Glenorchy (2013) was developed in consultation with stakeholders, which included former members of the Community Advisory Panel convened to develop the original 2011 Light Rail Business Case.

The Light Rail Business Case - Hobart to Glenorchy 2013 (PDF 6.9MB)