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Department of State Growth

kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car proposal

kunanyi/Mt Wellington cable car proposal

The Department of State Growth takes a leading role in growing the state’s economy and supporting job creation across Tasmania.

A cable car project in kunanyi/Mt Wellington Park has the potential to support significant investment in the state and to create new jobs in both its construction and operational phases.

Draft legislation to facilitate access to public land within kunanyi/Mt Wellington Park for the purposes of a cable car project has been released for public comment.

The legislation has been prepared to:

  • allow a planning application involving public land to be lodged and assessed without landowner consent;
  • enable a cable car proponent to access areas of the park for necessary assessment and preliminary investigations needed to prepare a planning application; and
  • ensure land acquisition by the government is undertaken in an open and transparent way.

The legislation will not change the need for planning and other approvals, including protecting Tasmania’s natural environment, heritage and Aboriginal cultural values.

The legislation confirms that any public land acquired will remain part of kunanyi/Mt Wellington Park and will not be sold to a proponent or private land holder.

Commercial matters such as the resolution of access rights to private land and necessary planning approvals will remain matters for a proponent to consider and are outside of the scope of this legislation.

Consultation has now closed. Around 850 submissions were received.

As previously indicated, submissions received during the consultation period have been published below. The only exceptions are where the author requested their submission be treated as confidential, or the submission contained material deemed to be defamatory or offensive.

In addition to the below individual submissions, a copy of the key themes and feedback is captured in the Consultation Summary available here.

If your submission has inadvertently been presented incorrectly or you have any questions regarding the above, please contact