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Office of the Coordinator-General

Red tape reduction

The Tasmanian Government is committed to cutting red tape and making Tasmania one of the best places in Australia in which to do business.

Businesses, investors, individuals and families can all, at times, feel the burden and cost of unnecessary, heavy-handed, duplicative or outdated regulation commonly called ‘red tape’. Poorly drafted or administered such regulation that is red tape should be reformed or removed. We are committed to reducing the regulatory burden for small business and the wider Tasmanian community and making it easier for business to have the certainty to put their money into growth opportunities in our state.

The Red Tape Reduction Coordinator consults extensively with business and industry to nominate red-tape to be addressed and on this website, has a portal for stakeholders to lodge red tape issues for investigation.

From these consultations, as well as engagement across government departments, over 187 agreed red tape issues have been identified so far with over 83 per cent resolved to date.

The red tape cut over recent years has come about through direct engagement with small businesses, larger industries and the wider community and by working closely with the respective levels of government. The Red Tape Reduction Coordinator will continue to consult and identify further agreed red tape issues.

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