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Office of the Coordinator-General

About us

The Office of the Coordinator–General is Tasmania’s principal entity to attract and support investment in the state. Our Office provides a single point of contact for businesses looking to establish, expand or relocate to Tasmania.  We work across a variety of sectors in three distinct areas, investment attraction, red tape reduction and strategic project facilitation. We are here to help support investors to investigate, plan and implement their projects.

Below you will find some more detail on the key areas managed by the Office of the Coordinator-General:

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More about Investment attraction and promotion

Investment attraction and promotion

Identifying investment opportunities that can be promoted to potential investors via a variety of mechanisms.

More about Strategic project facilitation

Strategic project facilitation

Case management for strategic projects that will make a significant contribution to Tasmania's economic growth.

More about Red tape reduction

Red tape reduction

The Tasmanian Government has committed to cutting red tape across the state through the establishment of a Red Tape Reduction Coordinator.

More about Unsolicited proposals

Unsolicited proposals

An Unsolicited Proposal is a unique or innovative proposal initiated by the private sector and put to Government.