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Department of State Growth

Transport concessions for Tasmanians

The Tasmanian Transport Access Scheme provides discounts and subsidies for Tasmanians with a permanent and severe disability to ensure those most in need have access to their communities, essential services, and places of work.

The scheme includes the Australian Disability Parking Permit, the Taxi Subsidy Program and Registration, Licensing and Stamp Duty Concessions.

Already almost 33,000 Tasmanians are members of the Transport Access Scheme, almost 31,000 hold disability parking permits and almost 16,000 are covered under the Taxi Subsidy Program, collectively saving them almost $5 million a year in transport costs.

The Transport Access Scheme provides a 50 per cent subsidy on the cost of a standard taxi fare for eligible Tasmanians, or 60 per cent if using a wheelchair-accessible taxi if the member is wheelchair reliant.

Holders of a Disability Parking Permit can park in designated disability parking spaces, can park in those spaces for longer than signed posted and can park in non-disability parking spaces for up to two or four times the usual allowable parking time limit without incurring additional costs.

Under the Registration, Licensing and Stamp Duty Concessions eligible Tasmanians can also receive a discount on their driver licence fee, an exemption for annual motor tax charges, a reduced motor vehicle registration fee, an exemption from stamp duty for vehicle purchases or transfers and reduced third party insurance premiums.

With transport costs being a significant part of most household budgets, the Tasmanian Transport Access Program is helping eligible Tasmanians keep more money in their pockets.

To find out if you are eligible go to or phone 1300 135 513