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Are you Greencard ready for the Derwent ferry?

Passengers of the Derwent River ferry service are encouraged to get their Greencards ready for the commencement of fares on Monday, 8 August 2022.

To make sure the system is working correctly Greencard scanners will be on board from Monday, 18 July, and while passengers will be asked to scan their card during this testing period, they won’t be charged.

Once fare charging starts, cash and credit/debit cards can also be used but a Greencard will be the best option for regular passengers due to its 20 per cent discount.

From 8 August 2022, a full adult fare on the ferry will be $3.50, or with a Greencard only $2.80 and concession fares will be $2.40 or $1.92 with a Greencard, and for a child/student $1.90 or just $1.52 with a Greencard.

Using a Greencard on the Derwent Ferry service also means the standard 90-minute transfer period applies, the same as on Metro buses, meaning passengers can transfer to or from a bus as part of the single journey to further minimise travel costs.

Timetables and more information are available at