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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Repairs to Subsidence around Zeehan

The Rehabilitation Trust Fund (RTF) has approved and conducted repairs to a number of areas of subsidence on both the Zeehan Golf Course and the Zeehan fire break during March 2022. The areas of subsidence were identified and reported by the respective land managers.

Mineral Resource Tasmania (MRT) identified that the areas of subsidence mapped at the Zeehan Golf Course correlated to old mine workings at the former Argent Mine. The areas of subsidence prioritised for repairs, as part of the ‘shafts and adits’ program, were determined to be a risk to public safety.

Five sites were repaired at the Zeehan golf club, with each area excavated until hard material was encountered. The holes were backfilled with material brought from offsite and the material excavated from the site, compacted, and levelled out. MRT staff were on-site, supervising for the duration of the works.

Zeehan Golf Course showing digitised Argent lodes and areas of subsidence which have been repaired in March 2022.

Zeehan Golf Club repair at full depth (left) and backfilled (right).

Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) reported an additional area of subsidence on the Zeehan Fire trail, which is an important part of fire mitigation activities around the Zeehan township. MRT conducted an initial desktop assessment which suggested that the subsidence was unrelated to any documented mining activities; however, a follow-up site visit indicated that the subsidence was likely a result of historic mining activities. The area of subsidence was repaired, and the fire trail was widened to ensure that any further subsidence does not impact fire management activities.

All works will be inspected regularly as part of ongoing rehabilitation management.

Widening of the Zeehan Fire Trail and backfilling the area subsidence.