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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI) - Round 7

The Tasmanian State Government, through the Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI), is offering grants for co-funded exploration drilling projects. The aim is to provide a stimulus to greenfields exploration in Tasmania. The State Government is funding this initiative with $3.5 million over six years and the program is administered by Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT).

Sixty three grants have been awarded for the first six rounds of EDGI, since October 2018. MRT is now seeking proposals from applicants for a seventh round of projects, to be jointly funded by the successful applicants and the State Government. The projects will be undertaken during 2022-23 and completed by May 2023.

Since the fifth round, EDGI has considered applications from mining leases, in addition to those on exploration and retention licences. This will remain the case for the seventh round. EDGI will continue to preferentially fund high-quality, technically and economically sound projects that promote innovative exploration or new exploration concepts and technology.