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Launceston City Deal

3D Digital Twin

Showcasing the 3D digital twin

A cutting-edge digital replica of the city, the digital twin will revolutionise city planning across a range of areas including transport, infrastructure planning, traffic management, energy and housing.

This will support a more liveable, productive and sustainable city and encourage more efficient and effective delivery of urban services.

What is 3D digital twin?

A digital twin is a copy of a city in 3D. This data-rich, digital replica of an actual city helps urban designers, city planners and policy makers when they are exploring future scenarios. Launceston’s 3D digital twin is an innovation that will lead the way for other cities.

How does it work?

It can model how we live and travel and where we go to work, to shop and have fun, across the whole greater Launceston region (an area of 6 567 square kilometres).

It gives our planners, road managers, public utilities and developers the most powerful tool in Australia to scenario-test their decisions, making sure we can deliver the best outcomes for our city and improve our overall liveability.

Our planners can get a bird’s-eye view of the city, and a more detailed view of buildings for things like planning solar panel roofs or emergency evacuation routes. A click on a building can show how much electricity it consumes. It can also go down to the pedestrian level, to look at accessibility, traffic and footpaths.

Or it could zoom in on the specific features of an area. It can show the terrain, shape and location of actual buildings, which is useful for flooding analysis for example.

It provides a glimpse into the future effects through virtual testing of changes to housing, energy use, transport, population growth, public spaces and the local environment before any change is made.

It will revolutionise our city planning and ensure our community, and the way we live, is at the heart of the way our city grows.

Project partners

Commonwealth GovernmentTasmanian GovernmentCity of Launceston

West Tamar CouncilMeander Valley CouncilGeorge Town CouncilUniversity of TasmaniaTelstra