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Department of State Growth

Water and Sewerage Accelerated Infrastructure Plan

As part of the Tasmanian Government’s proposed reforms to the State’s water and sewerage sector, Infrastructure Tasmania was requested to provide a report assessing the plausibility of an accelerated infrastructure investment plan for the sector.

In July 2017, Infrastructure Tasmania completed its report which includes a re-profiled version of TasWater’s 10 year plan and an assessment of the potential risks and constraints to achieving the accelerated investment plan.

Infrastructure Tasmania’s findings were informed through consultation and engagement with a number of local and national water industry participants and experts. Experienced local engineering firm Pitt & Sherry was also engaged to review Infrastructure Tasmania’s work.

The report

Infrastructure Tasmania’s report confirms the accelerated investment plan is possible and there are precedents in the water sector and other industries. The report details some important fundamentals which need to be considered carefully in order for ensure successful delivery. A copy of the supporting advice from Pitt & Sherry is also included within the report.