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Department of State Growth

Regional Summary

This report gives a regional overview of forecasted major projects.

To explore this information, simply filter project details and timeframes or click on any of the interactive graphs according to your area of interest. Click again to clear your selection.  For detailed instructions, please see below the report.


Using the drop-down boxes:

Drop down boxes are filters, used to control the information you wish to see on the screen.

  • Click the down arrow on the relevant drop-down box.
  • Click the square on the left of the option you want to see.
    • This will hide options not including your selection.
  • If you want to see more than one:
    • Hold “ctrl” while clicking the different options you want to see.

“Clear Filters” Button

The “Clear Filters” button removes all options you have selected using the drop-down boxes. Click the ‘Clear Filters’ button once, to return to seeing all projects.


The map has blue dots representing project location:

  • Zoom in and out
    • Move your mouse over the map where you want to zoom in / zoom out.
    • Scroll Up (away from you) to zoom in.
    • Scroll Down (towards you) to zoom out.
  • Project locations (Blue Dots)
    • Hover your mouse over a blue dot to see project details including:
      • project location
      • project name
      • agency/asset owner
    • Clicking on the blue dot will select the project and show further details on the table below the map.

Date Sliders

The date sliders are an option for you to change the date range you wish to see:

  • Move the left circle to the earliest year you wish to see.
  • Move the right circle to the latest year you wish to see.
  • Projects including and between those selected dates will appear in the table.


The graphs are interactive and you can click on any of them for specific information (and other graphs will automatically update). Click again to clear your selection.