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Department of State Growth

Tasmanian 10 Year Infrastructure Pipeline

Investment in infrastructure is important to support Tasmania's growth, both economically and socially.

The estimated investment of planned Tasmanian Government, local government and known private sector projects is more than $25 billion over the next decade. To make sure there is awareness of major projects for scheduling and planning purposes, we’ve created an interactive online database which forecasts these projects.

The 10 Year Infrastructure Pipeline contains major project information gathered from Tasmanian government agencies, government businesses, statutory authorities, and local government. Where major private sector projects are known, they are also included.

Explore the 10 Year Infrastructure Pipeline

Explore the 10 year Infrastructure Pipeline through the six links (buttons) below:

What information does the Pipeline contain?

The pipeline includes projects valued at $5 million or more, that are funded, partially funded, or highly likely to be funded. It also provides a broad view of estimated expenditure per year by industry type.

To explore this information, simply filter projects and timeframes according to your area of interest. Filters include:

  • design procurement date
  • construction procurement date
  • construction start date
  • location
  • infrastructure type
  • asset owner
  • project value.

The information in the pipeline database is updated approximately twice a year.

What are the benefits of the Pipeline?

The pipeline is designed to assist businesses in planning their work and making investment decisions, to support continued growth.

The economic and social infrastructure planned over the next decade is more visible within the pipeline. This helps us to plan and prioritise infrastructure investment and delivery to support employment and economic development.

The pipeline also provides essential information for workforce planning to identify the future needs of the building and construction sector. Training organisations can use this information to develop training and skills programs to meet future demand.

Instructions – Interactive Online Database

Using the drop-down boxes

Drop down boxes are filters, used to control the information you wish to see on the screen.

  • Click the down arrow on the relevant drop-down box.
  • Click the square on the left of the option you want to see.
    • This will hide options not including your selection.
  • If you want to see more than one:
    • Hold “ctrl” while clicking the different options you want to see.

“Clear Filters” Button

The “Clear Filters” button removes all options you have selected using the drop-down boxes. Click the ‘Clear Filters’ button once, to return to seeing all projects.


The map has blue dots representing project location:

  • Zoom in and out
    • Move your mouse over the map where you want to zoom in / zoom out.
    • Scroll Up (away from you) to zoom in.
    • Scroll Down (towards you) to zoom out.
  • Project locations (Blue Dots)
    • Hover your mouse over a blue dot to see project details including:
      • project location
      • project name
      • agency/asset owner
    • Clicking on the blue dot will select the project and show further details on the table below the map.

Date Sliders

The date sliders are an option for you to change the date range you wish to see:

  • Move the left circle to the earliest year you wish to see.
  • Move the right circle to the latest year you wish to see.
  • Projects including and between those selected dates will appear in the table.


The graphs are interactive and you can click on any of them for specific information (and other graphs will automatically update).


1. Projects on the pipeline are forecasted and may be subject to final approval.

2. Project dates, where provided, are shown to the nearest quarter.

Tenders and Applications

If there are projects of works that may interest your business, please visit the Tasmanian Government Tenders website below.

To view the tenders, please click ‘Browse Tenders’ located in the centre of the page.

Contact us


If you would like to share your experiences with the Pipeline database, please email us at

Need help?

If you need any help using the interactive Pipeline, email us with your details at and a member of the team will get back to you.