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Events Tasmania

Marketing Tasmania grants

Events Tasmania is committed to increasing the number of people coming to Tasmania, getting visitors and locals travelling around the state, and getting people talking and sharing about Tasmania. By increasing and focusing the marketing activity of events held in Tasmania, we can jointly achieve these outcomes while promoting and maximising the attendance at your event.

Applications are currently closed.

How it works

Events Tasmania offers grants of up to $10 000 in marketing activity focussed funding which must be matched equally by the event organisers. For example, if your marketing activity costs $6 000 (after any in-kind contributions), you can apply to Events Tasmania for $3 000 with $3 000 in matched funds from your organisation.

The Marketing Tasmania grant program is designed to cater for both large and small events, with two new tiers of funding providing options for events with either intrastate or interstate visitation targets. Once you’ve identified who your target market is, Marketing Tasmania grants can help you to deliver your marketing activity.

The following table will help you to define which tier of funding you can apply for:

Tier 1Tier 2
Applicants applying through Tier 1 are undertaking intrastate marketing activity seeking to attract visitors from outside their region. Applicants applying through Tier 2
Up to  $5000 in matched funding is availableUp to $10000 in matched funding is available
Intrastate marketing focusInterstate marketing focus
Broad understanding of target audience and how to communicate with themIn depth understanding of target audience and know exactly how to communicate with them
Defined marketing activityClearly defined marketing activity with a supporting marketing strategy