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Department of State Growth

Reports that support the plan

A number of reports have been prepared to assist in the development of the Tasmanian Special Species Management Plan. Additional information and links to these reports are provided below.

Conservation Assessment

In accordance with the requirements of the Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Act 2014, a conservation assessment of Future Potential Production Forest land was undertaken as part of the development of the Management Plan.

Conservation Assessment FPPF land (PDF)

Resource Assessments

In order to determine the established supply of land included in the Management Plan, Resource Assessments were undertaken of:

  • future potential production of special species timbers from couped-up areas of the Permanent Timber Production Zone land (PTPZ land)
  • current potential standing volume of special species timbers on other public land tenures/classes to which the Management Plan applies.

Special Species Timber Resource Assessment PTPZ land only (PDF)

Special Species Resource Assessment on PTPZ FPPF RR and CA Final 2017 (PDF)

Market Demand Studies

Two Market Research studies were undertaken to better understand demand for special species timbers, and the supply chains through which special species timbers are distributed.

Market Demand Study by Indufor (PDF)
Appendix 1 (PDF)
Appendix 2 (PDF)
Appendix 3 (PDF)

Special Species Timber Demand Analysis – Final Report (PDF)

Celery-top Pine Harvesting Trial

As part of investigations into alternative harvesting techniques, Forestry Tasmania undertook a trial of group selection harvesting for the target species celery-top pine in coupe EPO48C.

A detailed report has been prepared by Forestry Tasmania of planning, harvesting, transport and segregation of logs harvested.

Harvesting and Sawmilling Trial Report (PDF)