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Department of State Growth

Forestry Fair Contract Code

Forestry (Fair Contract Codes) Act 2001

The Forestry (Fair Contract Codes) Act 2001 provides for the approval of codes developed by industry to improve the fairness of contracts for services within the industry, and to provide for the legal effect of such codes when approved, through the provisions of the Code being deemed to be standard clauses to be included in all forestry contracts.

Forestry Fair Contract Code 2003

The Forestry Fair Contract Code 2003 applies to forestry contracts entered into for the following forestry operations:

  • planting trees for commercial production
  • managing trees planted for commercial timber production (limited to various silviculture activities)
  • harvesting trees for timber production
  • transporting timber that has been harvested for commercial purposes
  • land clearing associated with a forestry operation, and
  • road construction and quarrying associated with a forestry operation.

The Code contains general provisions relating to definitions, the term and renewal of a Forestry Contract, the relationship of the parties, and the obligations of both the Contractor and the Principal. The Code also provides agreed processes for dispute and grievance resolution.

Advisory Notes

Advisory Notes provide additional information about specific matters such as new initiatives being introduced to the Forestry Fair Contract Code. These Advisory notes should be read in addition to the Forestry Fair Contract Code.