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Tasmanian Economic Regulator

The Tasmanian Economic Regulator (the Regulator) was established on 1 June 2010 under the Economic Regulator Act 2009, and replaced the statutory positions of Electricity Regulator, Director of Gas, Government Prices Oversight Commission, and Water and Sewerage Economic Regulator. The Regulator is independent of the Tasmanian Government.

In July 2015, following enactment of the Economic Regulator Amendment Act 2015, the Regulator was restructured from the three-person panel to a single person with the capacity to appoint an Assistant Regulator, if required.

The Regulator's responsibilities in regard to energy include:

  • Administering the licensing system for electricity and gas entities
  • Monitoring and regulating technical standards
  • Monitoring and enforcing compliance
  • Issuing, maintaining, administering and enforcing the Tasmanian Electricity Code and Gas Codes
  • Other functions under the Act

The Regulators functions do not include electricity and gas safety matters which are the responsibilities of Workplace Standards Tasmania and the Director of Gas respectively.

Many functions of the Regulator in relation to electricity have been transferred to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), including regulation of distribution network services which was transferred to the AER on 1 July 2012.

The Regulator is responsible for setting regulated standing offer tariffs for residential and small business customers, however retailers can also offer unregulated market offer tariffs to customers.

For more information refer to the Tasmanian Economic Regulator's website.