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Department of State Growth

Tasmania and Singapore

In Singapore the South Asia mission’s stop-over promoted Tasmania’s capabilities, building deeper and far-reaching relationships, and explored the needs of investors.  

Through foreign investment, Singapore has evolved into a base for multinational companies to engage in high-end manufacturing and product development, deliver services and coordinate regional procurement, production, marketing and distribution operations.

With Tasmania delivering significant investment in education, resources, tourism and innovation, enhancing our existing and growing partnerships with Singaporean Government and business will provide investors in Singapore with a greater understanding of the exciting potential and developments in Tasmania.

Highlights included two round tables with leading investors and influencers – one highlighting the opportunities in the burgeoning tourism industry in Tasmania, and the other showcasing the opportunities and growing capability of Tasmania’s agribusiness sector.

Singaporean investment into Tasmania’s growing tourism sector is a particular focus of the visit. Singapore based businesses have recently increased their investment into property and hotel development to meet the state’s growing need for accommodation and there is great opportunity for further development in this area.

Tasmania offers Singapore a world-leading source of expertise in agribusiness, aquaculture, energy, high-value manufacturing and services, and Singapore is a vital partner in achieving our plans of fostering and growing international tourism to further stake our place in the ranks of premium holiday destinations in the region.