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Department of State Growth


Competitive advantage

Tasmania’s temperate climate and distinct seasons provide the ideal combination for growing full-flavoured vegetable produce. Clean air, fertile soil, reliable rainfall and freedom from many pests and diseases are the perfect ingredients for quality Tasmanian vegetables.

Tasmania – Australia’s temperate island state

Separated from the rest of Australia by the waters of Bass Strait, Tasmania is also set apart by its climate. Air masses roll in consistently from the oceanic west, bringing some of the world’s cleanest air, along with rain that is pure enough to bottle and export. This reliable rainfall and climate contribute to Tasmanian farmers’ ability to produce consistent quality vegetables.

Disease freedom

Tasmania has been formally recognised as free from fruit fly and tobacco blue mould as well as a number of other pests and diseases. Tasmania’s quality temperate-climate vegetables and its low levels of chemical residues make it competitive with the world’s best vegetable producers.

Food quality and safety

Tasmania recognises that consumers demand food that is fresh and free from contaminants. Tasmania is committed to systems that ensure the production of high-quality, safe food and agricultural products and does not permit commercial genetically-modified food crops.

Seasonal advantages

Tasmania’s seasonal advantage allows for high quality fresh vegetables to be delivered to Northern Hemisphere markets when local vegetables are not available.