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Tasmania – Australia’s temperate island state surrounded by water, with a temperate climate and rich soils, experiences excellent growing conditions for year-round lush pasture, conducive to the production of high quality dairy products.

Tasmanian dairy cows spend their time outside all year round. Cows graze on grass while enjoying some of the cleanest air in the world from the air masses that roll in from the oceanic west.

Superior pasture-based systems

The dairy industry is predominately based on the fertile coastal regions of the north of the state, running from the far north-west to the north-east and bordering the waters of Bass Strait and King Island, which guards the western entrance to Bass Strait. Renowned for fertile soil and high rainfall, it is only natural that Tasmanian production is based on grass and clover pastures. This pasture-based system enables Tasmanian farmers to produce premium quality milk.

Competitive advantage

Tasmania’s isolation from mainland Australia and the distance from other landmasses protect the island from major pests and diseases. With stringent quarantine regulations, Tasmania is proud of its disease-free status.

Quality assurance and care

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) administers the issuing of dairy farm and factory licenses as well as two codes of practice for dairy premises and dairy effluent. The TDIA manages dairy farm inspections, food safety programs and quality assurance. All milk produced in Tasmania must be pasteurised.

Tasmania – home to some of Australia’s most awarded dairy brands

The Australian Grand Dairy Awards, created by Dairy Australia and the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA), annually announce the best products in the Australian dairy industry. A Tasmania dairy product has been awarded Australia’s Grand Champion Cheese every year since the awards began in 1999.

Lush pasture, abundant fresh water, plenty of sunshine and a temperate climate create ideal growing conditions for Tasmanian dairy farmers to run consistent pasture-based systems for grazing dairy cows. Tasmanian dairy farmers are renowned for producing premium milk, the basis for top quality dairy products.

The Tasmanian dairy industry primarily consists of dairy cows, with approximately 127 000 cows housed on almost 600 dairy farms. Some goats and sheep are milked, mostly for an expanding cheese-making industry.