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Department of State Growth

Global international education

International education is a significant contributor to Tasmania’s social and economic opportunities, promoting global linkages and enhancing our cultural and linguistic diversity.

The sector was worth $164 million to the Tasmanian economy in 2014‑15 and continues to demonstrate strong potential for future growth. Tasmania is well-positioned to benefit from new opportunities in the sector, especially if undertaken through a collaborative, targeted and strategic manner.

The University of Tasmania is the key driving force for international education in Tasmania and is integral to building our reputation in the international market. The revitalisation of the University’s campuses and improved accommodation options for students will help to make Tasmania an even more attractive destination for international students.

International students are also attracted to Tasmania’s vocational education providers, Tasmanian Government and independent schools, and other education service providers which provide important pathways to higher education and the visibility of Tasmanian in the market. These markets have future growth potential to cater to the Asian regions’ increased demand for high quality education experiences.

Tasmania’s international education initiatives should build on the Tasmanian brand and encourage our reputation for quality and innovation. Strong partnerships through a collaborative network of industry and government representatives will place Tasmanian in a position to grow its share of the international education market.

The Tasmanian Government will undertake consultations to develop an international education strategy for Tasmania.

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