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Personal Information Protection (PIP)

The Tasmanian Government and its service providers value the privacy of every individual's personal information. We are committed to protecting the information we collect and use by compliance with the obligations provided under the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

Your personal information may be collected for the purposes of undertaking the department's activities, including distributing this newsletter to you. Your personal information will be used for the primary purpose for which it is collected and may be disclosed to contractors and agents of the department or affiliated bodies, and other organisations authorised to collect it. We will ensure that your personal information will not be used or disclosed to other State institutions and authorities except if required or allowed by law.

We will destroy personal information where it is no longer required (except where required to be kept in compliance with the Archives Act 1983). We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up to date whenever the Tasmanian Government discloses or uses it.

Personal information may be accessed by the individual to whom it relates on request to the department's Personal Information Protection Officer on (03) 6233 5888. You may be charged a fee for this service.