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Department of State Growth

Mining and mineral processing

The mining sector covers the exploration for and extraction of metallic and non-metallic ores, with the mineral processing sector covering the refining and smelting of mineral products. Tasmania is one of the most highly and diversely mineralised areas in the world, supporting an active and growing mining sector, with a well-established history in mineral processing.

The major factors affecting the performance of mining and mineral processing will continue to be the pace of world economic growth and associated resource demand, the competitiveness of Australian producers and the value of the Australian dollar. The health of the mineral processing sector in Tasmania has been dependent on improving competitiveness, seeking greater efficiencies and the reduction of direct costs.

Priorities for the sector include:

  • maintaining a sound regulatory environment
  • providing efficient and effective infrastructure (including world quality geoscientific information)
  • marketing Tasmanian mineral opportunities worldwide.