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Department of State Growth

Advanced manufacturing

Tasmania has a long history of manufacturing innovation and the Tasmanian Government proudly supports manufacturing in the state.
Advanced manufacturers are:

  • Those manufacturing businesses which utilise continuous improvement, enhanced skills, new technologies, and design and systems integration in order to drive innovation and growth throughout the value chain.
  • Businesses that ensure that customers receive the best quality, cost and delivery (QCD) in products and services.

To grow and support the sector the government, through broad industry consultation, has developed a four-year Tasmanian Advanced Manufacturing Action Plan 2024. The plan will be reviewed in its second year of operation to ensure that its actions remain relevant in our rapidly changing economic environment

The broad objective of the plan is to encourage growth and development through advanced practices and technologies, and leverage the Tasmanian manufacturing industry’s strengths and relative advantages to thrive and expand in an increasingly complex and competitive global market. The plan identifies four priorities for action to support the advanced manufacturing sector:

  1. The development and attraction of a highly skilled workforce
  2. Supporting the adoption of leading edge design, innovation, technologies and practices to deliver growth and improved business capability
  3. Supporting increased collaboration and advocacy for the sector
  4. Supporting greater market identification and access, and industry promotion