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Department of State Growth

Advanced manufacturing

Tasmania has a long history of manufacturing innovation and achievement and proudly supports manufacturing.

Definition of advanced manufacturing as:

  • Those manufacturing businesses which utilise continuous improvement, enhanced skills, new technologies, and design and systems integration in order to drive innovation and growth throughout the value chain.
  • Advanced manufacturers ensure that customers receive the best quality, cost and delivery (QCD) in products and services.
    • Small to medium advanced manufacturers aim to deliver high value, niche and customised premium products and services in low to medium volume supply chains.

To grow and support the sector the government, through broad industry consultation, has developed a five-year Tasmanian Advanced Manufacturing Action Plan.

The plan outlines 15 key actions. The broad objective of the plan is to help facilitate growth and transition the sector to being more globally competitive. It identifies the key priorities for the advanced manufacturing sector including:

  • support innovation and continuous improvement within the sector
  • support greater representation and collaboration, within and outside of Tasmania
  • develop industry required education and skills
  • support market access activities
  • raise the profile and create a Brand for the Tasmanian advanced manufacturing industry.